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Former technician at Taylor's Music Store in West Chester, PA.

Phillip McKenna is recognized as a knowledgeable and qualified technician in tuning and repairs as set forth by the standards of the Piano Technicians Guild

Mr. McKenna learned this trade under Steve Prentice. He has tuned and repaired thousands of instruments. Chances are, he can help you too!

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Piano Services Offered

Piano Tuning $140

A piano should be tuned twice a year. However, if the piano is played often or by several players it may benefit from more frequent servicing.

Pitch Raise $80

Pre-tuning. Pianos that haven't been tuned in more than five years often require a rough tuning.


Adjustments to the action of your piano will help it to sound its best and compensate for the effects of wear over the life of the piano.


Voicing is the adjustment of the tone of the piano. It's subjective and can be adjusted to the player's preference. Once voicing is complete the piano will have a uniform tone.


Pianos collect dust within them and would benefit from a deep cleaning.

$50 - $100

Climate Control

Pianos are greatly affected by humidity. Seasonal changes can cause the wood to swell or shrink, affecting the piano's tuning. The installation of a climate control system inside your piano can help to regulate the humidity.

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